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“We won’t be fooled by others”: ministers of the European Union, which Europe will survive the shutdown of Facebook and Instagram

Sometime ago we wrote about those that the Meta company does not exclude the possibility of closing the social networks of Facebook and Instagram in Europe and the European Union. I didn’t bother myself to check for a long time.

No problem

The company»s statement was commented today by two EU officials – Robert Habeck, Minister of Economy of Nimechchini, and Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Finance of France. They were offended by the Duma that Europe could not be shut down by social security, and they urged that Meta try to enforce the new rules of the EU, otherwise social media platforms will be blocked all over Europe.

“I’m alive without Facebook, damn it, and life was fantastic. The European Union is such a great domestic market with such great economic strength that if we can work together, we won’t be fooled,” Robert Habek said.

Yogo’s colleague added that "life without Facebook is better" and "people lived better without Facebook."

“I can attest that life is better without Facebook and that we are better off without Facebook. The digital giants are becoming aware that the European continent is maintaining and maintaining its sovereignty,” Bruno Le Mer added.

Guessingly, due to EU laws, companies may save data exclusively on European servers, while Meta manages data from European countries on their servers in the United States.

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